Although there is a competition in the market what with small car rentals mushrooming every now and then in the market, there can still be enough business to go around for almost everyone. However, the only time when one can feel the pinch of these car rentals is when there is a big surge in the demand and the supply is not there to fulfill the demands of the customers. This happens normally in the vacations when there is a huge rush of people who leave their homes and go for their favorite family retreats.

Those families that have more than a single car or have their caravans do not have to rely or depend on car rentals. They sometimes do not even have the problem of finding accommodation since they are already in the accommodation, the caravan. Of late car rentals have also moved into hiring of caravans to families that maybe large or families that have many children in them. Since, the parents or guardians may not be comfortable leaving their kids behind, they are the best customers to whom the caravans maybe rented out for the duration of their vacation.

Car rentals have innovated a new type of business these days. They let the car out to customers even if they cannot afford the rental charges. However, the car that is rented out is chosen not by the passenger but the car rentals depending on the number of passengers that may travel in the car. Sometimes, they may even rent out two different cars for the price of one.

The catch here is not that the cars below par in performance or run down cars. Far from it. They could even be brand new cars. The reason that they can rent out these cars for dirt cheap or two for one basis is that the car rentals are paid not by the hirers, but by companies that lease these cars. The cars are painted with the colors and logo of these companies which serves as a moving billboard or hoarding. This an effective and inexpensive form of advertising which can spread the brand far and wide.

car rentals

car rentals

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