Airline tickets that are genuinely low priced are also available, especially during the off season when the airline companies try to lure passengers to fly. They introduce low priced airline tickets with limited validity and a criteria known as APEX or Advanced Purchase EXcursion fare. Such airline tickets have to be used within the time limit and also have conditions of cancellation where they can be postponed for a fee but cannot be cancelled, etc.

In the dog eat dog world of airline ticket fare wars, it is the passenger who stands to gain from the fierce competition between the airline companies. However, sometimes when the passenger has to cancel his airline tickets, he may be exposed to the grim realities of this scenario when he is slapped with various charges for cancelling non refundable, non endorsable airline tickets. That could mean that he may have to pay much more than what he had bargained or hoped for.

Airline tickets make for a good incentive to highly productive employees or also to dealers who have shown and given consistently high growth in sales to the companies for whom they may be working for or under. Such companies have an agreement with airlines for possibly a block of tickets, which maybe issued gratis to the employees and dealers.

Gratis airline tickets are also issued by airlines that are launching their services in a particular region or a country and may give such airline tickets to agencies as a part of their launch promotion, where they agree to carry the agents to and fro for a nominal price so that the agents can have a look around and experience the culture and in turn sell the same to their clients, which can result in more business and a win-win situation for both the parties involved. An additional win can be possible if the passengers are satisfied with the services of the airline and also the hospitality extended by the country that they have visited.

airline tickets

airline tickets

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