Amusement parks and attractions are some of the most popular tourist haunts throughout the world. An amusement park is a recreational area devoted to different forms of entertainment like rides, excursions, animal attractions, theme parks and music.

In general, these recreational areas feature amusement parks and attractions such as the Ferris wheel and roller coaster, game booths that offer prizes and other forms of entertainment like fun houses and sideshows. Amusement parks can trace their origins from the traveling carnivals of the gypsies and county and state fairs. Many a times they sport a theme which is concurrent with the location in which the parks reside.

Amusement parks and attractions are words that send us in a mental tizzy of childhood memories that are a part of nostalgia. After all, there could hardly be a person who hasn’t rocked with a feeling of divine amusement when riding on a merry-go- around? Some would also tend to believe that if there is a heaven, it will look like amusement parks and attractions to the ones who pride themselves to be young at heart!

The concept of amusement parks and attractions in its early forms germinated in England, in the 16th century or thereabouts. In those days, carnivals and fairs presented much the same attractions as do the modern day amusement parks. With the passage of time and technical advances as also the evolution of modern physics, better rides and attractions were gradually introduced to entertain the public. The concept became less nomadic and more permanent, when these amusement parks and attractions started taking roots in distinct locations rather than moving around. There is now even an International Association in place which is deemed responsible for the standards of functioning and offerings of amusement parks and attractions all over the world.

Amusement parks and attractions are developing at a steady rate globally, with clients seeking wholesome entertainment experiences that the theme park creators keep providing and improving them.

amusement parks

amusement parks