Finding the Perfect Villa to Rent in Tortola

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Travel and Tourism

Have you ever been in that type of situation where everyone is talking about the most wonderful vacation they’ve ever been on? They produce pictures and people exclaim with delight at the sights of perfectly white beaches, azure blue seas and a sky that stretches forever. You may have similar memories of your own. If you are one of those who wish they could join in the conversation or who want to make more perfect memories, you should seriously consider a trip to the British Virgin Islands. This Caribbean paradise has a selection of villa rentals available, especially on Tortola, its capital island.

Experience the beauty of Tortola

What many people look for in a vacation is a place that restores their soul, where they can drink in the scenery and use the time for total relaxation. Tortola is such a place. It is picture postcard perfect in every way with its snowy beaches, rolling green hills, extensive rainforests, and perfect tropical climate. In addition, the island has a rich history as can be seen in the ancient ruins on the island, and as can be tasted in the exotic cuisine.

Planning a vacation

Getting to the island is by air or sea, and there are regular flights arriving. Choosing the right accommodation is important, although there is much on offer. Tortola has a plethora of villa rentals available, many of these being luxurious and with magnificent settings. You may be surprised to find that the price tag is less than an equivalent villa on another Caribbean island. The villas come in all shapes and sizes, but many have the tiled floors and wrought-iron that is typical of a hot climate and an island lifestyle. You will also find many French doors in the villas as this is a place where you want to open up the house and allow the ocean breezes to waft through your home. High ceilings with fans are also evocative of island living and of long, balmy days and evenings.

For those wanting nothing but relaxation, it will be enough to stroll along those memorable beaches or to take a dip in the tepid seas. Sitting on the beach and listening to the steady rhythm of the sea is a balm to the nerves of any jaded city dweller. The sea itself will provide much more entertainment should you need it. Tortola is the yachting capital, and you will find many boats for hire. If you’re a trained sailor you will be able to take out your own boat, marveling at the wind that will constantly fill your sails. Alternatively, it’s very convenient to hire a captain who will take you out on the water and allow you to do nothing but to gaze at the ocean and the overarching sky. That same translucent sea will provide you with excellent visibility should you want to do an underwater dive, and snorkeling is equally good in these all-year-warm waters.

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