Fun Winter Activities in Colorado

by | Jan 22, 2016 | Travel

As you plan out a trip around the holidays, you may want something a little different than a visit to see extended family. With so many winter activities and sports in Colorado’s tourism, it may be time to see what all the fuss is about. Many hotels in the area offer private areas for guests to enjoy during their stay. Check out some of the local events offered on the slopes and along lakes.


Many tourists and locals enjoy going snowmobiling in Colorado after the first blanket of fresh snow. Snowmobiling involved driving a vehicle that is specifically designed for travel and recreation in the snow or on ice, typically only needing an open terrain to enjoy. Before you go onto a snowmobile, speak with a local instructor to find out what gear you need and any safety procedures you need to know. With the right education about this fun activity, you can enjoy a fun ride with friends.

Ice Skating

Though ice skating rinks are available nationwide, only a few states get to enjoy the luxury of skating over a frozen lake or other large body of water. Many places in Colorado allow you to purchase or rent ice skates to enjoy this seasonal pastime. Ice skating is a simple transition for individuals who grew up with roller skates or roller blade. However, the novice skater will benefit from a few lessons and tips before embarking on their trip across the ice.


With the right size skis, you and your loved ones can go out on a day of skiing. There are multiple types of skiing and levels of difficulty when choosing a slope. The ski lodge where you choose to ski often has a map or an instructor that can tell you where to go if you are new to this activity or an experienced skier. If you haven’t skied before, take some time practicing with an instructor so you can safely join your friends.

Enjoy Yourself

Colorado is full of fun activities to enjoy in the snow, making it an excellent destination for vacations, weddings, and other family events. Once you make your hotel reservations, ask about the hotel’s on-site activities to find out how far you need to travel to engage in various winter sports. With the right training and a little practice, you will become an experienced enthusiast of many winter sports.

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