The lure of travelling by air is a lure that not many can resist, especially the people who have just dreamed of flying and have been just ogling at those wonderful flying machines either in magazines or when they are seen taking off or landing from the airports.

The  answer for the woes of such people can be seen in this term known as cheap flights. With the advent of bidding online and the great prospect of getting airline tickets for less than even a cup of coffee and then travelling in those flying beauties is like a dream come true for even the average Joe. There are airlines that offer cheap flights to passengers when they book well in advance. These cheap flights are not old aircraft but tickets that are bought well in advance to the actual travelling date. They do have inbuilt terms and conditions with regards to cancellation. In that they are non refundable tickets.But who would pass up the opportunity of flying.

When the flight has taken off and you are enjoying the scenes outside your window, you feel it was well worth the wait and also worth the pain of postponing some things that were important and may have crept up at the last minute near the date of your departure.

Once the flight is airborne and you have settled in, you are introduced to shopping magazines which lure you to spend for a souvenir that can be cherished for a long time the experiences that you may have savored with the airline. That is fair enough since they are giving you the ride of a lifetime for a pittance.

As you chomp and chew into your meal, trying to graciously undress the meal, you may experience the warm hospitality that you can experience even in the regular fare flights. That is an experience in itself. As they say all good things have to come to an end. When you step off the plane, it is a surety that you will cherish the experience for a long time to come.

cheap flights

cheap flights