6 Things for an Exceptional Kilimanjaro Hike

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Travel


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Always wanted to hike up to the roof of Africa? Got plans in place? From Cape Union Mart, here are five things to remember to make your Kilimanjaro hike an exceptional experience:

1. Get the Gear Right
Leave your cotton underthings behind. These won’t dry at high altitudes. Pick wool clothing instead. One of the most essential items on your packing list should be a good fleece jacket, one that’ll keep you warm throughout, especially when the summit climb starts. Also, get gaiters so sand and rocks when get into your shoes when you’re crossing the scree. Pack waterproof pants and jackets too. You wouldn’t want to be cold at any time during the trek and risk a bout of hypothermia.
2. Go Slow
Pick a comfortable rhythm. No one gets a medal for reaching the summit at break-neck pace. Don’t get pressured by others who seem to take on the mountain like they’re on a mission. Stick with what you’re comfortable with until you feel you’re ready for something a little faster.
3. Pack Chocolate Bars
Energy boosters throughout the day help get you through when the hiking gets tough. Just make sure to pack something slim. Don’t go for hard snacks. When they freeze, they’ll turn even harder.
4. Climb High, Sleep Low
Climb at least 300 meters higher than the camp. Linger for about 15 minutes or more. This will help your body adjust to the altitude when you come back down to camp and sleep.
5. Know About Altitude Sickness
Feeling nauseous? Have a persistent headache? Unsteady on your feet? Recognize the signs. You’ll have a better chance of combating the symptoms if you know right away you’re dealing with altitude sickness. Make for a lower altitude right away. When the symptoms die down within the next 24-48 hours, you’re good to ascend. Be honest with yourself though. If you know you aren’t fully at a 100 percent, it’s better to turn back and just go for another shot at the mountain. Don’t try to endure the sickness. Complications could be fatal, should they ensue.
6. Take Altitude Sickness Meds
Diamox is an altitude sickness medication that combats the effects of the altitude and helps your body adjust to the altitude changes faster. If you’ve got existing conditions though, make sure to consult with a doctor before you take it.
These are just a few tips to help make your Kilimanjaro escape a remarkable one. To find out how to experience a Kilimanjaro hike like that, book with us.

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