Choosing Caribbean Villa Rentals Over Hotel Stays

by | Sep 28, 2015 | Travel

When traveling to the Caribbean for a short or long vacation, there are two basic options for accommodation. One is to choose a luxury hotel, and the other is to book from your choice of Caribbean villa rentals.

Making the decision between the two starts with comparing the features of a hotel and the Caribbean villas for rent on any of the islands. While there are differences in hotels and villas, most visitors to the area will choose the luxury accommodations in either option, which makes comparison relatively easy.


One of the first important differences we would like to point out is the level of privacy possible in Caribbean villas for rent. This is your own private residence, allowing you to spend time doing what you enjoy, including just relaxing and unwinding, away from others and without having to worry about bothering anyone or being bothered.

With our ocean front Caribbean villa rentals you will be able to simply walk out the door and explore the beach area, go on hikes through the lush landscape, and see the beauty of nature in a very up close and personal way. This is not something that is possible in a busy, commercial hotel area.


A luxury hotel room is a relatively small area, even if you have a suite. On the other hand, our villa rentals provide an entire home with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen area and formal dining room.

Of course, you can also enjoy time on your patio, in your own private heated pool, or just lounging on the deck and taking in some of the most amazing ocean and landscape views.


With the best in Caribbean villa rentals, each unit will have a full kitchen. This will allow you to buy local foods, cook your favorite meals, or just prepare a snack to enjoy anytime you want.

We are also able to arrange for a personal chef to prepare some or all of the meals, giving you a complete break from handling these tasks. You will have maid service as you request during your stay, with standard service offered once a week.

With all the benefits of Caribbean villas for rent, it is no wonder these are such a popular option for couples, families and groups. Be sure to book early to ensure you have a villa to meet all your vacation comfort needs.

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