List of the Roller Coaster Rides at SeaWorld® San Antonio

by | Jun 17, 2019 | Travel


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As the largest SeaWorld park and biggest sea life park in the world, SeaWorld® San Antonio spans 250 acres. Aside from the stereotypical killer whale performances and dolphin feedings, this attraction has a sizable collection of roller coasters. As of this posting, there are six roller coasters in operation. Enjoy these roller coasters and more at lower rates with Seaworld® San Antonio discounts.

1. Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster
This coaster puts each guest into their own jet ski that happens to fly. The theme of the ride is to save a stranded animal. The ride opened in 2017 and highlighted the charitable nature of SeaWorld parks. Guests four feet tall and up can hop on and aid in the rescue.

2.Great White Roller Coaster
This is a more traditional thrill coaster and listed as “extreme.” The Great White Roller Coaster led the way for coaster integration at SeaWorld parks as the first to be constructed at any location. Seating guests four abreast, this ride includes flips, inversions, and corkscrews. The minimum height for this 50-mile-per-hour ride is 54 inches.

3.Steel Eel® Roller Coaster
The Great White appeals to those who love being upside down. The Steel Eel® is the tallest coaster in SeaWorld® San Antonio. For riders who love that feeling of falling, it’s a great hyper coaster. Repeated hills on the track create the shape of an eel, and the ride starts with a breathtaking 15-story drop. Guests must be 48 inches tall for this thrill ride.

4.Journey to Atlantis®

Another ride with a quest theme, this coaster will get guests wet. Built in 2007, the Journey to Atlantis® has a 10-story drop. A distinctive feature of this ride is that it includes a backward drop into the water. With a height restriction of just 40 inches, more of the family can get in on the fun with this water ride.

5.Rio Loco
Translating to “Crazy River,” this ride is the most accessible for all ages, as long as riders don’t mind getting wet. Six guests per raft tour the river. It may seem like a lazy river, but it includes being drenched in a waterfall. Riders must be 42 inches tall to participate.

6.Shamu Express Roller Coaster
The most kid-friendly ride at the park, this coaster has riders sit in killer whales for a low-key adventure. Get younger children acclimated to roller coasters in a fun way. The height requirement is 38 inches.

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